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Bernoulli equations

Crystal Ball parameter restrictions



The Bernoulli distribution is a Binomial distribution with n = 1. The Bernoulli distribution returns a 1 with probability p and a zero otherwise. The Bernoulli distribution (also called the Yes/No(p) distribution) can be substituted with the Binomial(p, 1) distribution. Two examples of the Bernoulli(p) distribution are shown below:



The Bernoulli distribution is very useful for modeling a risk event that may or may not occur. The figure below illustrates a model to estimate the impact of a set of risks that may impinge on a project:




The model is explained here. Another model with conditional probabilities is also provided here.


The Rademacher distribution has equal probability of returning a value of -1 or 1. Thus:


Rademacher() =  2*Bernoulli(0.5) - 1



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