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The Custom Distribution in Crystal Ball

With Crystal Ball's Custom Distribution you can represent the six distributions show in the table below.  In ModelAssist for Crystal Ball, we have considered the use of the Custom Distribution.

When you use the Custom Distribution, we highly recommend that you use data from your spreadsheet to construct your Custom Distribution as is explained here. Depending on which version of Crystal Ball you use, you have to format your data in a certain way ("date entry rules"). For detailed instructions on how to format your data to construct the following six distributions with Crystal Ball, please click on the appropriate links below.


Name used in Crystal Ball manual

Construction with Crystal Ball:

Discrete Uniform distribution

"Unweighted values"

Click here

Discrete distribution

"Weighted values"

Click here

General distribution

"Sloping continuous ranges"

Click here

Histogram distribution

"Continuous ranges"

Click here

Cumulative Ascending distribution

"Sloping continuous cumulative ranges"

Click here

Combination of distributions


Click here

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