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A brief history of ModelAssist

ModelAssist is distributed and supported by EpiX Analytics LLC. Since 2010, EpiX has made ModelAssist available online as a software-neutral single version wiki-style repository of simulation modeling and risk analysis methodology and continues to update it regularly.

About EpiX Analytics

EpiX Analytics was founded to provide pragmatic answers to decision makers using sound quantitative methods. Using their extensive analytical experience, our consultants have striven to stay on the cutting edge of quantitative modeling and analytical methods to provide our clients and research partners with the most current and sound answers to their decision question.

So, what makes us different from other risk analysis and statistical consultancies out there? We are recognized quantitative modeling experts, we know how to communicate our results to an ever evolving audience, and given our breadth of experience, we always customize our solutions to meet the specific client's needs. For this, our consultants understand that each project is different and that effectively communicating with our clients is vital to the success of a project.

Please visit our website to review case studies, download white papers, and to learn more about our consultingtraining, and research services.

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